Privacy Statement

Our Commitment To You

Relationships are built on trust. Respect for an individual's privacy is an important element in earning and maintaining that trust. Your relationship with our agency is a valued one. It is taken seriously as witnessed by the care with which any information about you and/or your firm's employees is handled.

You have received this notice because you are covered by or are considering coverage offered by an insurance company represented by our agency. We collect nonpublic information about you and your family members when you complete an enrollment form for benefit program as may be sponsored by your employer. We may contact you directly about obtaining additional information about your application. We may obtain additional information about you or you family members from others sources, participants in the health care system, as well as from your employer or your plan administrator.

The Personal Information that we receive from your enrollment form or from the sources referenced above may include your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, Social Security Number and that of your family members. We may also receive from these sources information about your physical or mental health condition, health care provided to you or payments for health care. The health care information we receive may include health care provider you have seen, medical services rendered to you, charges for those services and your medical diagnosis.

Our records may also contain personal and health information regarding your insurance or medical benefit plan. That may include the type of insurance coverage or medical benefit plan, benefits, claim history and health risk assessments.

Your Personal and Health is used to convey necessary demographic data to the insurance company(s) from which coverage is being sought, to effectively administer your plan of benefits, notify you of changes and to provide claim support when required. We do not disclose any of your Personal or Health Information with anyone other than parties of interest in our agency or with the insurance company(s) involved. If we were to consider sharing this information with anyone other than the parties heretofore referenced, we would provide you with the opportunity to opt out of such disclosures. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your Personal and Health Information.

We will supply you with a copy of our privacy policy annually. We occasionally review out privacy policy and reserve the right to amend it. If material changes to the policy are made, we will provide active plan subscribers with a revised Privacy Notice that describes the new policy before it becomes effective.

You have Access to Personal Information that we have recorded that is reasonably retrievable. In order to maintain the security of that information, access will be permitted after proper identification is submitted. If you have any question about information we may have on file, please write us at the address indicated above. Your right to correct, amend or delete recorded personal information exists to the extent that the information is collected in connection with an insurance transaction.