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Group Vision

Vision Care is a high-demand, high-value benefit. Whether employer-sponsored or offered on a voluntary basis, a vision benefit plan can enhance employee performance and overall well-being. 61% of all Americans require some form of visual correction. (U.S. Optical Industry Handbook 2002, Jobson Optical Group) Approximately 75% of employees who use a computer will suffer eye or vision problems ( www.allaboutvision.com ). These percentages are on the rise as the baby-boom generation matures.

Vision care can be preventative. Many medical conditions, like high blood pressure, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease and tumors can be detected during the course of a routine eye exam. By detecting medical conditions at an early stage not only is the quality of life improved, but the cost of health care may be lowered by regular eye examinations and corrective eye-wear. A comprehensive vision program promotes job efficiency and overall wellness.

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