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Retiree Health Insurance

Group Retiree Medical is not individual Medicare Supplement coverage. It is a group plan sponsored by an employer to extend medical benefits to retired employees who are over age 65 and are on Medicare. A group plan format is used. It is not subject to Medicare supplement guidelines. Flexible plan designs and competitive pricing can be offered.

This approach will be of value to the smaller, privately held concern where its founders or key employees may remain on the payroll just to retain access to the group's medical insurance though their active employee status may be in question. A retiree medical plan affords a respectful way to provide ongoing medical coverage to these former valued employees. By limiting the exposure to higher retiree utilization patterns, a voluntary retiree medical plan will not only generate goodwill but will contribute toward the control of the cost of the group's medical plan for its active workforce.

For the midsize or large employer, retiree medical benefits are causing a financial and administrative burden that is becoming overwhelming. For the employer who must reduce his FASB 106 liability, retiree medical insurance can save significant benefit dollars and measurably reduce the administration burden of retiree medical benefits.

The firm facing financial hardship will often look first to the reduction or elimination of the retiree benefit program. A retiree medical insurance plan, either employer sponsored or voluntary, can significantly reduce the expense of the retiree program.

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